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Indian Wedding Photography

As wedding photographers, we're constantly amazed by the beauty and meaning of Indian weddings. From the stunning pre-wedding ceremonies and rituals to the unforgettable main wedding ceremony and reception, it's our honor to capture every moment and detail of the couple's special day.

Indian wedding photography is so much more than just taking pictures - it's about preserving the memories and emotions of the day for the couple to look back on and cherish for years to come. And with the use of photographs, the couple can share their celebration with loved ones who may not have been able to attend the wedding in person. 

But as photographers, it's not just about preserving memories and allowing for virtual attendance. It's also about understanding and respecting the traditions and customs of an Indian wedding, and capturing them in a way that is authentic and meaningful. That means capturing posed shots of the couple and their loved ones, as well as candid moments and emotions.

In short, Indian wedding photography is an essential part of any traditional Indian wedding. As photographers, it's our joy to be able to capture the beauty, emotion, and meaning of the day for the couple to treasure for years to come.

Wedding Photography Portfolio
Civil Wedding Ceremony Wedding Barn (170).jpg

Seema & David

Civil Ceremony - Hanbury Wedding Barn

A beautifully captured civil ceremony at Hanbury Wedding Barn in 2023. 


Kishen & Isabelle Hindu Wedding Coombe Abbey Hotel.jpg

Kishen & Isabelle

Hindu Wedding - Coombe Abbey Hotel

Take a look at this beautiful Indian wedding I had the pleasure of photographing in 2022 at The Coombe Abbey Hotel. 


Roma & Paras Edgbaston Park Hotel Birmingham.jpg

Roma & Paras

Hindu Wedding - Edgbaston Park Hotel 

Hindu Wedding with the Light & Airy look. Take a peek at this stunning ceremony we captured at the Edgbaston Park Hotel in Birmingham

Amar & Prad Thornton Hall Hotel.jpg

Amar & Prad

South Indian Wedding - Edgbaston Park Hotel 

We had previously photographed Amar and Prad for their pre-wedding photo shoot, so we were already acquainted, allowing us to capture natural-looking shots throughout the day.


Indian wedding photography is a unique and beautiful art form that captures the magic and cultural significance of these special occasions. From the vibrant colors of the traditional attire to the intricate details of the ceremonies and decorations, Indian wedding photography allows us to capture the beauty and joy of these celebrations.

As professionals in Indian wedding photography, it is our responsibility to not only capture the beautiful moments of the day but also to tell the unique story of each couple's journey. From the pre-wedding photoshoots to the ceremony and reception, we strive to create a visual narrative that reflects the personalities and traditions of each couple through Indian wedding photography.

Skilled Indian wedding photographers have an understanding and appreciation of the cultural and religious customs that are an integral part of Indian weddings. From the Haldi ceremony to the exchange of garlands, we make sure to photograph all of the meaningful moments and traditions that make each Indian wedding so special through our Indian wedding photography.

In addition to the cultural aspects, Indian weddings are also known for their lavish and extravagant decorations. As Indian wedding photographers, it is our job to not only capture the grandeur of the setting through our Indian wedding photography, but also the intimate and candid moments that happen amidst all of the pomp and circumstance.

Of course, no Indian wedding is complete without dynamic and energetic dance performances. As Indian wedding photographers, we make sure to photograph the energy and joy of the dance floor through our Indian wedding photography, as well as the more intimate and emotional moments between the couple and their loved ones.

As professionals in Indian wedding photography, we are always honored to be a part of such a meaningful and joyous occasion. It is our passion to use our skills and creativity to capture the unique and beautiful story of each couple's journey through Indian wedding photography, and to preserve the memories of their special day for years to come.

If you are in search of talented Hindu wedding photographers, look no further! We offer our services at some of the most luxurious venues in Birmingham, Leicester, London, and throughout the UK. Let us capture the beauty and joy of your special day. 


Indian Wedding Photography Birmingham

Capture your unforgettable Indian wedding moments through photography by Birmingham based professionals. We understand the importance of your special day and the treasured stories that fill it. Whether it’s a traditional, modern or alternative event, we are passionate about creating stunning and creative photographs.

- Professional High-Quality Images 
- Comprehensive Photography Packages 
- Experienced Photographers Specialising in Indian Wedding Photography 

- Epic shots taken at beautiful locations throughout Birmingham to capture your cultural celebrations in exquisite detail
- High-quality images delivered quickly allowing you to share your special moments with family and friends sooner
- Great value photography packages so you get only what you need while keeping within budget


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We understand that very few people like being in front of the camera, which is why we go to great lengths to make you feel at ease and enjoy your photography experience. It's all about capturing the moments that tell your story as a couple in an authentic way both of which are the cornerstones of our unique style. If you like what you see then get in touch with as much information as possible about your big day and we'll get back to you. 

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