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Hello there!

We appreciate you thinking of us for your wedding photography requirements. 

We are a sociable group of skilled photographers that are enthusiastic about preserving the beauty and sentiment of your special day.

Please get in touch if you have any inquiries or would want to schedule a consultation. 

You can contact us by phone, email, or by completing the form on this page. 

We look forward to speaking with you and assisting you in keeping the memories of your wonderful day alive.

Gorav Karir | Photographer

Tel: +44788 6404 862  |  Email:


Over the years I've noticed that events such as weddings are not just about that one day. It’s about a lifetime of memories. It’s about being able to relive those memories and smile at moments you didn’t even realise took place. When budgeting for your big day you would generally consider things such as flowers, venue, invites, catering, and so on. Although these are key items for the day, they are just for that one day. Photography on the other hand is an investment. An investment of beautifully captured memories you will share with your friends, your children, and then going forward their children. This is what sets photography apart from all the other things on your list. When setting aside a budget just bear in mind that this is something you want to carefully consider as it's overlooked in many cases. After all, photography is a story you will treasure for generations to come.

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